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Today we want to present the latest publication by the professor and expert in cultural management Lluís Bonet, entitled The management of theaters: models and strategies for cultural equipment. Lluís Bonet is Professor of the Department of Public Economics, Political Economy and Spanish Economy at the University of Barcelona. Expert in Economics, Management and Culture Policies. Director of the Cultural Management Program at the University of Barcelona.
The work starts from the comparative analysis on theater management to reflect and propose models and intervention strategies applicable to all types of cultural equipment. Strategies that each territorial and sectoral context must adapt to its reality and possibilities.

The management of cultural organizations is presented as a synthesis of three complementary projects: the artistic project, the production project and the territorial development. These dialogue with the classic processes of management: human resource strategies, financing and costs, marketing and communication, material resources and services, or evaluation models. The book draws on the professional and teaching experience of the authors, complemented by explicit quotations from a large number of professionals from various countries in Europe and America.

The result is a suggestive book, the result of a holistic view that is concretized in a systematic and modulable proposal that incorporates numerous schemes. It brings a conceptual reflection, rich in nuances, in dialogue with the referents of strategic management, the economy of culture and cultural policies.

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