ICC Week Ourense

Next week will be held in Ourense the ICC WEEK, IIIº Framework of the cultural and creative industries. For six days there will be a large representation of the cultural sector of Galicia and Spain. ICC Week has been held since 2015 in Ourense as a cross-cutting event for all the sector’s events: the task…

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MUSIC FROM THE SPACE, wants to be born as a tool of dynamization, both the tourism sector and the cultural life of our council. Inspired in formulas of cultural innovation that already working successfully in cities like Compostela and Tui, and those that programs of similar conception have been working for more than a decade….

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RURALIZARTE is a project designed exclusively for a small rural community that is born with a clear sociocultural vocation. Improving the existing services offer and promoting a cultural dynamic are clear actions of this project that aims to establish a population in the rural area and which in turn is considered as an attractive option…

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Oenach, a word of Indo-European origin, which means something like “meeting place of the community”, etymologically represents the content of this cultural event. Under a format of meeting in a common place, the Atlantic Oenach, tries to remain faithful its initial vocation based on three axes: Approaching the Galician cultural heritage to the citizens from…

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OLLO CON NARÓN is a cultural intervention project designed to work with the adolescent population based on new technologies. The relationship between these two sectors seems obvious, and the project seeks only to take advantage of this synergy to bring youth closer to participation in the development of the cultural action of their city council….

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