LixArte is a project of cultural intervention carried out in the industrial park Tambre, in order to make this environment a more attractive place for the population and favorable for the development of cultural activities.

 The recycling of the waste of the companies that coexist in industrial park will be the basis for the development of a set of activities that will take place in the same one month.

In the first place we will have two main activities, which will be the protagonists of our project: on the one hand a creative multidisciplinary residence in which a series of artists will be able to work freely with the materials provided by the companies. And on the other hand, a competition with a facet of visual arts and another one of applied design, which will count with a series of prizes.

In addition to this, we will find a series of complementary activities such as a waste crafts market, concerts with recycled instruments, and a series of community activities aimed at creating active participation centers: workshops for children, exhibitions or guided visits to the industrial park.

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