For several years now we have heard the word Maker in different forums. This term comes from an English word that would be related to the capacity to create, what we would usually call “a handyman”. Unlike DIY hobbyists, the maker movement is distinguished by its keen interest in technology and knowledge.

MAKERSPACE aims to create a framework of creativity and innovation, in which those interested can give vent to their concerns. In the same way, the Maker movement stands out for its collaborative and open source aspects, which is why we want this space to be a place to share knowledge and resources.

In the same way, Makerspace pretends to be a place where the schools of the region can go in search of didactic resources referring to the new technologies, and therefore, a tool that allows to new public the approach to other activities of cultural character of Way.

Makerspace also consciously choose a rural area to locate its physical space, as it is also intended to break the label that in the rural area can not innovate.

Makerspace is aimed at all those interested in the creative and collaborative culture that want to contribute knowledge to society, as well as for those who wish to be part of a different technological community.

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