MUSIC FROM THE SPACE, wants to be born as a tool of dynamization, both the tourism sector and the cultural life of our council. Inspired in formulas of cultural innovation that already working successfully in cities like Compostela and Tui, and those that programs of similar conception have been working for more than a decade.

The music from the space project aims to visualize and value the cultural heritage of Naron to use it as a tourist resource and socio-economic development of the areas where it is carried out.

In the same way this project wants to be a tool of socio-cultural dynamization that allows cultural events to take place outside of the habitual spaces, creating a micro net of patrimonial and cultural spaces at the same time.

The intangible heritage will also have a place within the design of the project actions, where the rescue of the memory and the direct participation of the neighborhood, making them, participants and protagonists of their own socio-cultural development.

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