OLLO CON NARÓN is a cultural intervention project designed to work with the adolescent population based on new technologies. The relationship between these two sectors seems obvious, and the project seeks only to take advantage of this synergy to bring youth closer to participation in the development of the cultural action of their city council.

OLLO CON NARÓN pretends to be the vehicle that stimulates the creativity and active participation of the youth in the local cultural politics, relying on a well-known tool for them and them as they are the mobile phones. Surroundings this pairing we intend to take the front OLLO CON NARÓN, Iº Festival of Short Recorded that the Mobile of Naron.

Formative, audiovisual and a final gala exhibition of the works will be part of this project. In the first instance, a several training workshops will be held in the participating schools to provide participants with the necessary tools. In a second phase the students will be dedicated to the recording of their short, and as a final part the works will be exhibited in a final gala where the students of 4º E.S.O.

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