RURALIZARTE is a project designed exclusively for a small rural community that is born with a clear sociocultural vocation. Improving the existing services offer and promoting a cultural dynamic are clear actions of this project that aims to establish a population in the rural area and which in turn is considered as an attractive option to attract new neighbors.

The project is divided into different areas:

  1. Cultural Area.
  2. Technological area.
  3. Sociosanitaria Area.
  4. Play area.

This division is intended to cover the most direct needs of the community’s neighbors, making the Civic Social Center and school core community life in this rural area.  The project will be carried out and will be coordinated by 4 associations of inhabit and coexist in the civic center, creating a network of exchange of services that allow the viability of the project, logistically as well as economically.

This project was born as a prototype with which to work for a minimum of two years, from here, the project will have to scale in size and autonomy, being able also to be transferred to other areas of the city council or the region, to expand the network of work And create a federation of rural entities that develop similar projects.

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